We have the know how you need.

Thinking outside

... is part of our heritage. As a 100% subsidiary of TK Baupartner GmbH, the experience of more than 19 years in home construction, engineering and architecture flows through our veins. But that's not all. We also see ourselves as pioneers in the field of land revitalization, innovative heat management and the extensive use of Feng Shui.

We have constantly developed this millennium-old doctrine from far-away Asia and can thus create an unprecedented balance in your living and sleeping areas, which not only has a positive effect on your soul, but also has a relaxing and invigorating effect on your body.


A strong team and strong partners.

Due to the importance of the perfect implementation of the subjects behind the veil of the obvious, we have carefully selected our cooperation partners and employees. When it comes to interior design, color theory, facility management and cleaning, we only work with the best. These companies are also pioneers in their fields and are consistent with our holistic view of things.

Everyone in the team

When an employee hits a nail in your new walls or ignites the fire in your new fireplace, he must be in complete harmony with himself and his environment. We attach great importance to this and continuously ensure that our high standards are met.

Every player

Careful pre-selection and conscientious task allocation ensures that each partner knows what to do and when. Thus, competencies are only awarded to those who are in harmony with our philosophy. Only those who fit remain in our network. And those are the best.

Continuous perfection.

From the first cut of the spade nothing is left to chance. One step follows the next and constant checks ensure a continuous harmony in the construction process.

Choose balance in your home. Make an appointment and let us share your vision.


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